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Are You Looking For ck2 console commands Guide? Then This Post Will Help For Getting Latest Information About It. This ck2 console control tool is used for sport development and boost the degree of the sport and also personality. With the support of this information, you are able to conduct a broader variety of performance in the sport.


Applying this console controls the participant can change game settings, access data, prohibit or kick players that are unnecessary in addition to a Control time from the sport. Here you’ll find each and each commands list which helpful in-game, additionally provide its detail and uses description to learn how to utilize it.


Latest ck2 console commands Guide 2019


ck2  Console Commands usually use the participant at the time of enjoying to create different type of opportunity to assist him improve stability and performance in match. You can Check All Details About it.

From the Console Commands ck2, You want your focus because we talk all probable commands that useful in a match. You’ll all of the details such as controls, the dictionary of Commands along with information of commands which will help to boost your quality of functionality from the sport.


Command                                                      Description


add_artifact – Adds an artifact into the Specified character

get_all_artifacts – Give artifacts to goal personality, or the participant’s personality if no target is defined

destroy_artifact – Removes an artifact in the specified personality, destroying it

add_diplomacy – Modifies the foundation of a character’s diplomacy feature

add_intrigue – Modifies the foundation of a personality’s snowball feature

add_learning – Modifies the foundation of a personality’s learning feature

add_martial –  Modifies the foundation of a personality’s defensive attribute

add_stewardship –  Modifies the foundation of a personality’s stewardship feature

add_offmap_currency –Adds a attribute into the personality. Opposites attributes are assessed. Trait names are lower case. If no personality ID is inputted, the attribute will be supplied to the character you’re playing instead. The identical thing also demonstrates true with all the remove_trait command. Removes a attribute in the personality

add_trait – Adds a modifier into a personality

remove_trait – Removes a modifier out of a personality

add_modifier – Modifies a character’s era

remove_modifier – Banishes a personality

age – Modifies a character’s Age

banish – Banishes a personality

capital – Moves participant capital to state

clr_moved_capital – Clears the transferred capital-flag of a personality.

cash – Adds gold to the player

claim – Gives a claim to your self or another character

coalition – starts/joins/leaves a coalition against

council_positions – Reveals the ai scores of every council position

clr_focus – Clears the concentrate of a personality

culture –  Sets a character’s culture

decadence – Modifies the Decadence

decision – Executes a Choice

die – Die a natural departure

enforce_peace – Triggers the apply peace mechanic at the participant’s domain. Council has to be permitted, other prerequisites are waived. Appears to be ignored, affirmation required.

liege_enforce_peace –  Triggers the apply peace mechanic at the participant’s liege’s realm. Council has to be permitted, other prerequisites are waived.

enable_ambition –  Allows a character to Select a brand new ambition

event – Executes an occasion for your self or for a different character or state

testevent – Tests an occasion without tripping it

favor_get – Receive a favor from personality

favor_grant – Grant a favor to a character

gfx_culture –  Sets a character’s gfx culture

give_birth – Forces a pregnant personality to immediately give birth


give_title – Gives a name to a personality

infamy – Modifies the player character danger

imprison – Imprisons a character by another character

join_society – monastic_order_dominican

leave_society –  Combine a society.

log_missing_adjectives – Logs any title that has no adjective loc key defined

kill – Kills a personality

kill_yourself – Kills your personality.

move – Moves a personality to a character’s courtroom

neg_opinion – Adds a negative comment between two personalities

nickname – Gives a personality or the participant a nickname

piety – Adds piety into the participant

play – Switches to play with a part

prestige – Adds prestige into the participant

run – Commands will be executed at the reach of the participant’s character

score – Adds score into the participant

techpoints – Adds 1000 technology points of every type to the participant

max_tech – Maxes out technician in most states, or at given province

recalc_succ – Recalculate the series to get a personality or the participant

religion – Assessing a character’s faith or participant if character not provided

secret_religion – Doesn’t include tribal funding holdings.

set_government – Validates authorities of a personality

titleowner – Validates that the legislation of some characters chief holding

validate_government – Validates government of a character

validate_laws – Validates the laws of a characters

validate_lieges – Validates that the liege of a name



Glad to give you complete details regarding ck2 console commands . Figure the all probable commands that help you at time playing with the sport to boost your performance, all controls have been described here, which means that you may understand it easily. To learn in detail then you ought to read this article carefully.

Updated: September 10, 2019 — 7:08 pm

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