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Welcome to Factorio Console Commands, we provide the updated list of Factorio Console Commands. These console commands are Factorio command-line interface which means that can be used for running cheat commands, as well as chatting with other players and receiving occasional status updated.

Before using Factorio Console Commands, you need to understand the Factorio game. This is the game in which you build and maintain factories. Also, you will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies.

Here you need to understand all of these Factorio Console Commands which listed below. You need to read our the latest post to get detailed information about those commands.


Factorio Console Commands List 2019

Using those Factorio Console Commands, you can allow pawn items, walk faster, unlock researches and many more things which you can do. Here you get the bunch of useful commands. These commands can sometimes make unexpected changed to your game, so it is recommended that you save your game before using them.

Factorio Conole Commands are simple chat messages which executed by a slash that allow doing amazing things in the game. These console commands are commonly referred to as cheats. Here in this article, we will show you how to execute and use them.

Normal Commands

Commands Description
/alerts <enable/disable/mute/unmute> <alert> Enables, disables, mutes, or unmutes the available alert types in the game.
/clear  Clears the console.
/color <color>  Changes your colour. Can either be one of the pre-defined colours or RGBA value in the format of “# # # #”.
/evolution Prints info about the alien evolution factor.
/help [command] This command used to print a list of available commands, the optional argument can specify the command that should be described.
/h [command] Same as /help.
/mute-programmable-speaker <mute/unmute> <local/everyone> Mutes or unmutes the global sounds created by the Programmable Speaker. Use “local” to mute just the local client.
/perf-avg-frames <number> The number of ticks/updates used to average performance counters. The default is 100.
/permissions Opens the permissions GUI.
/screenshot [x resolution] [y resolution] [zoom]  Takes a screenshot with the GUI hidden, centred on the player.
/seed  Prints the starting map seed.
/time This command used to print information about how old the map is.
/toggle-action-logging Enable or Disable logging all input actions performed by the game.
/toggle-heavy-mode Used to investigate desyncs. It will slow down the game and make multiplayer unplayable.
/toggle-rockets-sent-gui Toggles if the rockets sent button is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.

Multiplayer Commands

Commands Description
<message> This console command does not start with / is shown as a chat message to your team.
/admins Prints a list of game admins.
/ban <player> <reason> Bans the specified player.
/banlist <add/remove/get/clear> <player>  Adds or removes a player from the banlist. Same as /ban or /unban.
/config <get/set> <option> <value> This command used to set various multiplayer game settings.
/delete-blueprint-library <player> Deletes the blueprint library storage for the given offline player from the save file.
/demote <player> Demotes the player from admin.
/ignore <player> Prevents the chat from showing messages from this player. Admin messages are still shown.
/ignores Prints a list of ignored players.
/kick <player> <reason> Kicks the specified player.
/mute <player> Prevents the player from saying anything in chat.
/mutes All players that are muted
/open <player> Opens another player’s inventory.
/o <player> Same as /open.
/players [online/o/count/c]  This commands used to print a list of players in the game.
/promote <player>  Promotes the player to admin.
/purge <player>  Clears all the messages from this player from the chat log.
/reply <message>  Replies to the last player that whispered to you.
/r <message>  Same as /reply.
/server-save This command used to save the game on the server in a multiplayer game.
/shout <message> Sends a message to all players including other forces.
/s <message> Same as /shout.
/swap-players <player> [player] Swaps your character with the given player’s character, or if two players are given swaps the two player characters.
/unban <player> Unbans the specified player.
/unignore <player> Allows the chat to show messages from this player.
/unmute <player> Allows the player to talk in chat again.
/whisper <player> <message> Sends a message to the specified player.
/w <player> <message>  Same as /whisper.
/whitelist <add/remove/get/clear> [player] Adds or removes a player from the whitelist, where only whitelisted players can join the game.

Scripting and Cheat Commands

Commands Description
/c <command>  Executes a Lua command.
/command <command> Executes a Lua command.
/measured-command <command> Executes a Lua command and measures the time it took.
/silent-command <command> Executes a Lua command without printing it to the console.



Here you get the latest article about Factorio Console Commands. you can find the list of all the commands which may helpful to you in the game. Using those commands you will get necessary items which you needed. To understand these commands kindly read out this whole article.

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Updated: August 22, 2019 — 6:26 am

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