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hoi4 console commands Guide 2019 Updated

You Have seen Lots of sites Which Gives Information about hoi4 console commands But This is One Of the best site for it. You can Find below an updated listing of Hearts of Iron IV console Commands , these are generally called cheat codes.


Hover over a control at the table to see detailed argument-related assistance. Click the title of a control to see its commands webpage, on which you’ll be able to find more aid such illustrations.


Type the title of a console commands to the search box to immediately search 227 EU4 commands. Hover over a cheat code to see comprehensive debate explanation. Click the title of a control to see its control page for more examples and help


Latest hoi4 console commands List  2019 Updated


Command                                             Description


gain_xp – This control may be used to include expertise to some Leader/General.

cp – add command power

st – This control will include equilibrium (max. 100 percent ). It’s possible to eliminate stability by defining a negative amount.

ws – This control will include war. Establish a negative amount to eliminate war support.

Allowtraits – removes restrictions on general trait assignment

add_equipment – This control may be used to bring a predetermined amount of any gear aside from naval gear. You are able to eliminate equipment by defining a negative volume.

add_latest_equipment – This command adds the given amount of gear to each and every piece of gear you’ve got unlocked/fully researched (therefore, every gear type on your irrigation menu).

whitepeace – This control immediately makes’white serenity’ involving the specified states (given by their own nation label ).

teleport – This control may be used to activate the teleportation instrument, or immediately teleport any chosen ships or armies into the state together with the given ID.

allowdiplo – This control allows for the usage of any diplomatic actions (e.g. announcing war) without rationale.

debug_nuking – nuking in any province is permitted

instantconstruction – enables or disables toggles

event – This command will begin the designated event in the designated country.

research – This control may be used to study each of gear, or equipment in a particular technology slotmachine.

research_on_icon_click – This control will immediately explore any tech when its icon has been clicked in the tech tree. This control is also referred to as the’immediate research’ cheat.

annex – This command begins an annex using the given country label

winwars – This control will give your state the utmost war rating for many wars it’s presently engaged in.

manpower – This control adds the certain quantity of man power for your nation.

add_opinion – This control adds an opinion in the designated country tag to some other nation.

Tag –  This control switches your nation into the given country. ‘label ENG’ would force you to play Great Britain, for instance.

Observe – This command enters you into’watch’ manner, where you’re set to play with no nation at all

Tdebug – This Commands may be used to spawn a predetermined amount of a device at a state. In the event the nation tag argument is supplied, your nation will occupy all soil the given country owns.

Spawn – This Commands may be used to spawn a predetermined amount of a device at a state.

Occupationpaint –  This command toggles (enables and disables) occupation painting.

Setowner – sets the proprietor of a predetermined state.

Setcontroller – sets the control of a predetermined province.

Xp – This command adds the specified amount of expertise (to all adventures: military XP, naval XP and atmosphere XP).

Pp – This command adds the specified amount of governmental power into your nation.

Civilwar – This command begins a civil war in a nation, together with the ideology.

add_party_popularity – This command adds the specified amount of celebration popularity into the specified ideology category.

set_ruling_party – sets the designated ideology category since the ruling party.

help – If executed without any arguments, this command will print a listing of controls.

Focus.AutoComplete – This control allows for immediate conclusion of domestic targets. Be aware that this control will impact the game’s AI.

Focus.NoChecks – This control allows for the blowing off of attention demands.

Focus.IgnorePrerequisites – This control allows for the blowing off of attention requirements.

Decision.NoChecks – This control permits for the blowing off of choice requirements.





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