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subnautica console commands List 2019 Guide

Hello Friends Are You Gamer?? If yes Then This is one of The Best Place For You because Here You can Get Complate Guide About subnautica console commands. These games controls are subnautica command-line interface that means which may be used for conducting cheat controls, in addition to chatting with other gamers and getting occasional standing upgraded.

Before utilizing subnautica Console Commands, then you want to comprehend that the subnautica game. Additionally, you’ll be mining tools, exploring technologies, building infrastructure, automating creation and battling enemies.


Latest subnautica console commands 2019 Updated


Here you have to understand all these subnautica Console Commands that recorded under. You want to read the latest article to receive thorough information about these orders. These controls can at times make sudden changed to your match, therefore it’s strongly suggested that you save your game before using them.


subnautica Conole Commands are easy chat messages that implemented by a dip that enable doing wonders in the sport. These games commands are generally known as cheats. In this guide, we’ll explain to you just how you can implement and utilize them.

Subnautica console commands Full List 2019


Character commands


Commands                                                     Description       


Bubbles – Spawns air bubbles round the Participant

cure [#] – Removes Kharaa Bacterium from creatures and player in a set array

infect [#] – Infects participant and monsters in a set array with Kharaa Bacterium

invisible – Player is imperceptible to all animals

kill – Kills and respawns player in Life Pod

nosurvival – Removes participant’s water and food demands

oxygen – Grants player infinite oxygen

playerinfection[#] – Sets player Kharaa Bacterium disease level (variety of 1-5, with 5 healing the participant )


Gameplay modification cheats

Commands                                                     Description       

damage [#] – Multiples harm taken from the participant by the specified level (default )

day – Sets the map period daily

dig [#] – Removes terrain round the participant (variety of 1-100, in yards )

entreset – Reloads all game resources.

Fastbuild – Enables near-instant module production when using the Habitat Builder

Fastgrow – Lets near-instant mulch development when employing a planter

Fasthatch – Enables near-instant egg yolks when employing an Alien Containment

Fastscan –  Enables near-instant scanning when using the Scanner

Filterfast – Enables near-instant water filtration while employing the Water Filtration Machine

Fixleaks –  drains all of radiation flows in the Aurora

Flood – Floods most of Cyclops ships around the map

Gamereset –  Rolls back match to the final rescue

Instagib –  Toggles instagib mode, where any harm will cause immediate death

Night – Sets the map period to nighttime

Nitrogen – Enables the participant remain submerged longer, but raises the possibility of decompression illness

Noenergy – Toggles energy use for many tools, seabases, and vehicles

Radiation – Disables radiation

speed [#] – Modifies the game speed (default ). Can be raised (quicker ) or diminished (slower).

unlockdoors – Unlocks all doorways at the Alien Bases and Aurora, except those that need the Laser Cutter.



Modifying, spawning and unlocking items


Commands                                                     Description       


Clearinventory – Deletes all items from participant stock

Cyclopsupgrades –  Grants the participant all Cyclops upgrades/modules

Damagesub –  Causes all Cyclops around the map to take 400 harm

Destroycyclops – Causes all Cyclops around the map to be ruined

ency [NAME] – Unlocks given entry in the Data Bank. Must use precise name; utilizing”all” will unlock all of entrances.

exosuitarms – Grants the participant all Prawn Suit arms.

exosuitupgrades – Grants the participant all Prawn match upgrades/modules.

filtersalt – Quickly fabricates Salt out of all Water Filtration Machines

filterwater – Immediately fabricates Large Filtered Water from all Water Filtration Machines

item [NAME] [#] – Adds given product and amount to participant inventory

lock [NAME] – Locks specified blueprint

madloot – provides the participant some loot and instruments

nocost – Toggles use of resources without requiring tools

resourcesfor [NAME] – Grants the participant tools for specified craftable thing

restorecyclops – Restores all shattered Cyclops into a damaged but operational condition

seaglide – Spawns an unpowered Seaglide facing participant

seamothupgrades – Grants the participant all Seamoth upgrades/modules

sizeref – Spawns”Wasabi One” diver when considering terrain

spawn [NAME] [#] – Spawns given item and amount to in the front of participant

spawnloot – Spawns an range of loot

sub aurora – Spawns that the Aurora behind participant

sub Cyclops – Spawns that the Cyclops facing participant

toolsloot – Spawns some instruments

unlock – Unlocks specified routine

unlockall – Unlocks all patterns.

vehicleupgrades – Grants participant all Frequent automobile modules


System commands


Commands                                                     Description       


Debugsound – Toggles Audio

farplane [#] – Changes Perspective Space, Can affect performance (default 1000)

fog – Toggles fog effect

fov [#] –  Toggles Participant Area of Opinion

fps – Shows frames Each Minute

freecam – Toggles noclip and Enables you Complimentary Seem outside of your Personality

freedom – Changes Sport Style as Stated

nobloom – Removes Blossom effect, Can affect Functionality

noshadows –  Removes shadows, Can affect Functionality

printbiome – Displays Title of biome where Participant is currently Found

schoolfishai – Toggles Shoal of Fish AI

target – Toggles target debug screen

vfx cyclopssmokeeffect – Toggles Cyclops smoke Impact

vr – Activate or deactivate VR Style

vsync – Toggles VSync


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